Best Cheap Washing Machines in The UK

November 13th, 2018 by

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Are you looking for the best budget washing machine? Well, this article offers you the details of what to look for in the product. It further lists the top ten machines to consider.

A good washing machine is:

Designed to suit your preferences. You have the option of choosing either the top loader or front-load. Top-loading machines are cheaper than front loading machines. They also tend to use more energy and are noisy. Placing it near a bedroom or lounge can have devastating effects in a home. Nonetheless, some of the machines are more efficient than others. Front loaders have a good performance. They are however expensive.

It is also worth to consider the material used to make the tub. A porcelain-coated steel or high quality plastic is perfect, if you do not do laundry often. On the other hand, a stainless steel tub will do a good job when you do regular washing.

If you are likely to wash clothes with a variety of fabrics, go for a machine that offers varied cycles. The machine must give you options such as second rinse, steam and delicate among others. Other aspects to consider include: load sensors, electronic displays, automatic temperature regulators, and reinforced frames.


Efficient. You must be in a position to save on energy and water while using a washing machine. It must be fast enough so that you don’t waste your time doing laundry. In any case, you don’t have to give a lot of attention to the laundry process because the machine is designed to do a perfect job. Notably, high-efficient washers require you to use special detergents because little water is utilized. Being aware of the complementary products is hence important.

Sizable. To increase the capacity of washing machines, bigger sized machines are being manufactured regularly. Many consumers are allured into buying them. Even so, you must have enough space to accommodate the big sizes. Otherwise, you may want to stick to the smaller sizes. Consider whether the product can fit through the doorways. It is also worth determining if you will be in a position to get in and out of the laundry area with ease.

Long lasting. A best value washing machine is designed for years without developing complications. You must obtain a warranty as a guarantee of superior product quality.

There are a range of machines that do not only come with the elements described above, but that are also offered at an affordable price. They include:

1. Samsung Addwash ww80K6414QW

This budget washing machine is quiet. It comes with a perfect addwash feature. Here, you are at liberty to put a pause to the washing process and add other items such as handkerchiefs or socks using a small drawer featured at the door. It has an excellent frugal super eco wash feature, which means that you will waste less water and energy while using the product. Further, it comes with a smart app control element, meaning that you have a chance to control all the washing from a distance. It has passed all tests in regards to the removal of tough stains.

2. LG Electronics WM3770HWA Washing Machine

If you are looking for a cheap and good washing machine, this product is just perfect. Coming in white and stainless steel colors, you will love taking the product into your space. It can handle least 20 pound capacity of laundry. You can add a second washer to the end that you complete two loads at the same time. This implies that you will no longer have to waste a lot of time in the laundry room. Varied cycles are offered. You get to select the temperature depending on the amount of stains or dirt in your laundry. It is efficient and less noisy.

3. Miele WDB020

Anyone wondering who makes logik washing machines will be thrilled by this product. It has been quoted as the most affordable product in the market. It is simple to use. You can leave your new nanny or family members who have never done laundry to operate the machine. Based on tests done by the experts, it has been known to eliminate all types of stains. The quality is perfect, ensuring that you get value for your money. Still, it uses limited amount of water and energy. The drum capacity is 7kg. Given this, small families and individuals will love the product.

4. Electrolux 4.4 Washing Machine

This easy washing machine is designed to ensure that you can easily control the process. Unlike other products in the market, the controls are less cluttered to the extent that even the novices can use the product. It also comes with an extra water pump to help mix detergent and fabric softener with water. This means that every fiber will get enough exposure of the products. Steam is utilized to remove all dirt. The normal washing cycle takes 47 minutes while heavy duty washing takes approximately 2 hours.

5. Panasonic NA-127MBILAS

This front-load washing machine comes with an auto care feature. It has a 7kg capacity and perfect washing performance. At least 9 programs are run, giving you enough options when doing laundry. Its energy efficiency is remarkable. A child lock feature helps you to eliminate incidents and accidents as your young ones play near the laundry room. It also comes with low water pressure. If you are tired of specific speed, you can switch to a higher one because a wider voltage operation is featured.

6. Ramtons RW/146

This is the best washing machine under 200. It has a capacity of 66kg for the washer. It runs a total of 16 programs. An LED display is featured. The spinning speed is outstanding. The product is good for a person who is looking for a machine that has washing and drying capacities. People with limited laundry space, for instance, will love the product.

7. Candy CW/101

This product has an 8kg wash capacity. A household with a few members will easily do their laundry within a short time. It has a front load design and is fully automated. You don’t have to operate it manually, giving you ample time to sort other clothes, dry them, or just relax. Its spin rate is also perfect. It is also high efficient and comes with 16 programs. If you are in a hurry to get out of the laundry room, use its quick wash feature that allows you to clean clothes within 30 minutes.

8. AEG 7000 series L7FEE865R

This is one of the superior good value washing machines in the market today. A range of features are offered including sensors to help you weigh the load. You cannot make guesswork and end up damaging your product. The load capacity is 8kg. It features a large portal, so that you can load your clothes with ease. If you are tired of machines that make a lot of noise, this product will do it for you. You cannot hear the noise even when in the same room. The control features are easy to navigate. Short steam cycles will help you to have a quick wash. Otherwise, you can select longer cycles to do away with the stubborn stains in your laundry.

9. Beko WTB1041R2

This good cheap washing machine comes from Turkey. With less than 300 pounds, you will have a chance to take the product home. It comes with a 10kg load capacity, and offers a variety of washing cycles. The speed is perfect, allowing you to set aside time to focus on the many other issues of life. Lightly soiled clothes can be washed within 30 minutes. You will also not have to struggle to get your dirty laundry into the machine because it has a large portal. A DrumClean program is featured to help you clean the product after two months. You will have a chance to eliminate all the soap and bacteria that tend to collect in all the areas. It is energy efficient and less noisy.

10. Siemens iQ300 WM14N201BG

This product is easy to control. It will give you all the feedback that you need during your washing process. A total of 14 basic programs are offered. You can wash all your fabrics perfectly. Whether you are dealing with cotton, silk, or even mixed fabrics, you can determine how they will be cleaned. The amount of energy used is minimal. You will barely notice its operation because it is extremely quiet. Two quick-wash cycles are provided. It gives you a chance to have speedy turnarounds. A textile guard setting is provided. All you need to do is to pour a waterproofing treatment, and your textiles will be protected.

The Bottom Line

Whether you are looking for the best washing machine under £200 or even a product with a higher price tag, you must be willing to consider the features provided. Brands that have been in the market for a long time do everything within their means to help you take home an efficient, long-lasting, perfectly designed, and sizable product.