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Smart home appliances have been growing in popularity in recent years.

They have managed to transition from being thought of as little more than a fun novelty.

Now the have a real place in our homes and lives.

It’s worth taking some time to consider where these smart home appliances may lead us in the future.

As development and innovation continues where will we go with this industry.

With a variety of smart home appliances already available to purchase, further development of these smart devices and their capabilities is the first area to consider.


Smart home thermostats such as Nest have become more and more popular.

They give homeowners more control over their environment than ever before.

In future, these devices could adapt to a household’s habits in energy-efficient ways, for example:

heating water only when they anticipate the family will need it.

We could also see these thermostats combining with renewable energy that is generated in the home.


Smart TVs have been around for awhile now and have offered huge connectivity to the average user.

There’s no doubt they could go further.

The future of smart TVs seems to be in learning more about the user:

  • being able to predict what shows they might like
  • setting recordings accordingly
  • managing storage by deleting the shows they feel will be least missed.


Smart speakers, such as the Echo Dot or Google Home Mini, have proven to be wildly popular, but the promise of their functionality is only just beginning.

The potential future could be dynamite with these smart speakers.

We may one day be able to prepare a meal by asking Alexa to communicate with the oven or connect with services such as Uber to order a taxi to our door with a simple voice command.

There should also be future availability to use podcasts and audiobooks with smart speakers, as well as improved search functions.


Smart lighting has been a massive hit, thanks to the ability to not only create the perfect atmosphere but also to save money.

WiFi bulbs already exist in isolation, or entire systems can be setup to work exactly as programmed.

For the most part, smart lighting is nearing its apex, but will play a part in the future integration of completely smart homes.


The future is bright for smart appliances.

You can start a load of washing when you’re away from home.

Get the oven heating so it’s ready to cook the minute you walk through the door.

Communicate with the fridge when you’re not home so you can ask what items you need to buy.

Some of these functions are already available, but they’re not widespread – and they tend to have a hefty price tag.

The best prediction for the future of smart kitchen appliances is that they will become more accessible as the technology improves.

This will bring them into mainstream usage as the price becomes more competitive.

We could also see improvements like the fridge directly being able to order food for you.

So, when you are running low, making the weekly shopping trip a thing of the past.


Domestic robots, such as vacuum cleaners and lawn mowers, are under continual development.

Future robots may expand on functionality.

Potentially this will involve the ability to:

  • iron clothes
  • monitor home security and
  • coordinate with other smart home appliances to order cleaning products or
  • even arrange repairs


Home security systems can also be considered domestic robots, but with an extra touch of necessity.

The future will allow for ever-tighter security functions.

Things such as direct police reporting and reliable notifications.

As well as coordinating with smart lighting to always give the appearance your house is inhabited.


What can we expect in the future?

Let’s take a peek to see exactly what might be in store…

You are on your way home from work.

You use your smartphone to set the oven to heat.

Then you wonder if you have enough milk for your coffee in the morning.

You check with the fridge via a smartphone app.

The fridge informs you that a delivery of milk, ordered by the fridge, is already waiting for you at home.

You check with your home security camera.

Instantly, you can see that the delivery was indeed made.

So you make your way home.

The lights are already on, set to your preferred brightness, and the house is warm and comfortable.

Next, you retrieve a just-dried, still warm blanket from the smart tumble dryer that you programmed earlier in the day.

You sit down to watch the TV, which auto suggests a new program for you.

Then you dim the lights using only a voice command.

The house, of course, is perfectly spotless.

That’s thanks to your domestic robots that were working during the day.

You hear the click of your door locks as your home security system secures your house for the night.