Electric Cooker Repairs Essex

The process of repairing an electric cooker can be stressful especially for someone who lacks knowledge and skills to carry out the job. It is necessary to consider an expert to come and carefully examine your cooker before any repair commences. In Essex, our company offers effective and quality repairs on electric appliances. We provide the following processes to ensure that your electric cooker is properly repaired but before we start the repair its important to turn off your electric cooker .Make sure the power is turned off before we can start your repair.

Loosen the parts

Our experts will be able to help you loosen the parts of the cooker carefully to examine it. The burner plate is removed from the inner bowl. Then the tabs are folded back to remove the base. This facilitates exposure of the inner parts of the plate where the experts can then try to find out the problem. This process should be done carefully so that further damage is not done on the cooker.

Testing the heating element

Your heating element might not be working properly. The experts, using a multi meter, test the heating element to ensure it is okay. But first, the heating wire has to be disconnected from the terminal to avoid electrocution. Where the component is faulty, the experts provide you with spare parts that they use to replace the element. Of course, they charge you an extra fee for this.

Testing the resistor

The next step is to examine the resistor to see if it is working properly. The multi meter is used again. If the resistor is in proper condition, the multimeter will read 20 ohms. In case it is faulty, there is need to replace a new one. Again, the repair experts will provide you with a spare part, so you don’t have to waste time going to get it from the market.

Check well and clean contacts

Switch becoming dirty or corroded is a common problem with the electric cookers. This issue limits solid current from flowing when the cooker is pressed to start. Therefore, with the base removed, check carefully to see whether they are burned. If this is the case, then a replacement will be done. The experts help you do it correctly. In case they are dirty, electrical contact cleaner together with a clean piece of cloth can be used to remove the dirt. Then ensure the contacts are moving. If they are not, let the experts know how they can help you.

Replacing the components

The final step is to replace all the elements of your electric cooker. Ensure the power cord is not strained and the wires put into their correct positions. If you are not sure which wire is to be set where then it is better to ask for help. Afterwards, the base is screwed then the ball and cover replaced.

Electrical cookers are different, and the process of repair is different for every cooker. Electric cooker repairs in Essex has been simplified. Our repair experts are trained to ensure quality services at all times.Call us anytime and expect high quality services.