Energy Saving Tips for Your Tumble Dryer


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Over the last few years, energy costs have risen tremendously and the need to conserve energy is growing every day. Today we use many appliances to makes our chores easier and these appliances often work on electricity. Some of the appliances include washing machines, ovens, dryers, air conditioners, blenders, refrigerators, toasters, and other such appliances. As our dependency on appliances grows, our energy bills grow along with it. Energy bills are part of the monthly budget for most people. If energy bills keep rising every month, it puts the budget in jeopardy. If energy bills are blowing a hole in the pocket, it is a good idea to use appliances in such a way that it helps save energy and reduce energy bills. For example, there are many ways in which energy can be saved while using a tumble dryer. The following are some of the tips to help save energy while using the tumble dryer.

Here are few guidelines to reduce energy consumption when you are using your tumble dryer.

1. Regular Service

Defective household appliances consume more energy than the usual and it costs a lot of money. So using appliances like a tumble dryer in a careful way is important. Regular servicing keeps these appliances running well without any need for repairs which can cost a lot of money.

2. Invest in Energy Saving Balls

Tumble dryer energy saving balls are a great investment as they save tumble dryer time as clothes dry faster using these dryer balls. These dryer balls disentangle the clothes and help dryers aerate the clothes faster.

3. Clean the Lint Filters Every Time You Use the Machine

A build-up of lint within the dryer is a problem for the dryer. Build up of lint can cause low efficiency in tumble dryers and obstruct the vents of the dryer making it harder for a dryer to dry clothes taking more time and using more energy. Lint buildup is a fire hazard and also causes the dryer to break down and cause the need for dryer repairs which needs more money.

4. Untangle Your Clothes When Loading

Small efforts before putting clothes into the dryer help reduce dryer time. This includes disentangling clothes before putting it into the dryer. This will make it easier for the tumble dryer to dry clothes faster and save energy.

5. Don’t Add Wet Clothes to Dry Ones

Dry clothes and wet clothes should not be put together in the dryer. Putting wet clothes with half-dry clothes will make the process of drying the entire load take more time. If some wet clothes are added in the dryer at a later stage of the process where some clothes are already half dry then this means more energy is wasted to re-dry clothes as the dryer takes longer to dry all clothes.

6. Choose an Energy-efficient Tumble Dryer

Tumble dryers that are not efficient and not used properly are likely to break down and need repairs. Low efficiency in tumble dryer causes more energy costs as dryer loads take a longer time to complete and use more energy to do so.

Nowadays, there are many brands that sell appliances like dryers with energy efficient systems and standards approved by the government. This means that they are designed in such a way that they do not use a lot of energy. Before buying a tumble dryer, it is important to choose the best brand that is the most energy efficient. Choosing a reputed brand is also wise as tumble dryer repairs can cost a lot and so choosing a brand which guarantees a long life for the tumble dryer is always a sensible thing to do.

7. Run Full Loads

A great energy saving tip is to plan the laundry load and dry a lot of clothes together. This means that if the dryer runs a full load, more clothes will be dried at once and this means that the dryer will have to be used fewer times and that will save energy.

8. Dry Similar Fabrics Together

Another way to save energy is to use the same type of clothes of the same materials in one load. Tumble drying the garments that are similar in weight and material will save energy costs. Lightweight garments should be dried in a separate load from heavyweight garment to save energy and reduce dryer time.

8. Choose the Correct Setting

Other energy-saving tips include choosing the right settings for different types of clothes and load. Also, the dryer should be in a dry and well-ventilated room. This makes it easier for tumble dryers to dry clothes faster and save more energy while doing so.

Energy efficiency is the need of the day. Rising energy bills make it hard to pay utility bills for everyday average middle-class people who live paycheck to paycheck. As lives get busier, dependence on appliances like dryers and other types of appliances grow. This means that people need to become more innovative in trying to reduce energy bills that stack up due to appliances. It is also environmentally friendly to conserve energy and the above-mentioned ways help save energy in tumble dryers.