Front Load vs Top Load Washing Machine | Which is Best?


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Dirty laundry is a part of life that you simply cannot ignore. This is unless you are able to throw away the garments you put on every day. Thankfully, with a great washing machine, you no longer have to stress about cleaning various pieces of clothing.

The problem only comes in when you have to search for the ideal machine to take home. There are very many options to choose from which can be quite confusing. You will mostly be forced to make a decision between a front load and a top-load washer.

Below I will be examining both types of machines, letting you in on the most important aspects of the machines to help you make an informed decision that will work out well for your laundry needs.

Main Differences between a Front and Top Loader

Before discussing this topic any further, it is paramount that you learn how the two models differ.

What is a Front Loader Washing Machine?

In simple terms, this is a machine that you will be loading clothes through an opening that is located at the front of the washer. Most machines come with a glass panel door. They also feature a separate detergent drawer, where you can load the powder you use for washing.

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What about the Top Loader Washing Machine?

These are machines that have an openable door at the top of the washer. You use this entry to load the clothes. Some come with glass panels, but most of them have different covers. The latter implies that you cannot see what is going on in the machine as the washing is taking place. The washers are also designed in such a way that you pour the detergent directly in with your laundry.

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Benefits of Both Front and Top Load Washing Machines

To help you come closer to making a decision, here are the benefits you will get from each type of washer.

Perks of Front Loading Washers

Buying a front loader means you will enjoy a number of advantages such as:

  • They are built to remove tough stains easily because the wash motion is more efficient.
  • The machines use less energy and water because they typically drag the clothing items in a shallow pool of the water-detergent mixture.
  • Typically operate quieter when compared with the top loaders.
  • They create minimal lint during washing.
  • They are more effective in regards to drying thanks to the higher spin speeds.

Pros of Top Loaders

Using top loaders means you can expect a couple of good things like:

  • Faster cycle times (Most usually run cycles that take about 15-30 minutes).
  • More energy efficient when you use cold water.
  • Often accommodate large load capacity.
  • You can add garments mid-cycle.
  • They respond a lot better when you add fabric softener.

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The Not so Good Side of the Washing Machines

Anything that comes with benefits also has some disadvantages. Let us explore some of the things that you will not impress you about the machines.

Top Loaders

Some disadvantages associated with top loading washers are:

  • These washing machines tend to require more maintenance when you compare them to their competitors.
  • Some users complain that they can create a lot of lint because of the friction the clothes go through during a wash.
  • They use more water and detergent.
  • Produce more sound than the front loaders.
  • They automatically become less energy efficient when you are using warm water.

Front Loaders

Some of the things that consumers do not like about this type of washing machine include:

  • They may be uncomfortable to load and unload, especially if you do not like bending
  • Mildew and mold issues affect front loaders the most. This is especially true if you continually use the wrong type of detergent, too much washing powder or fabric softener. Letting the gaskets and drums stay wet between also attracts the growth of mold and mildew.
  • It’s challenging to add a load during a cycle – There are times you may be left with a random apparel you need to throw into the loader quickly mid-cycle. This is difficult when using a front loader because the door locks tightly to prevent leaks. The only exception here would be if you have a model that has a pause button.
  • Overloading is bad for the machine – Overloading this types of washers can lead to fast wear and tear. The additional weights cause strain on the rear bearings, the components that are responsible for free spinning of the drums.
  • They usually have longer cycle times starting from an hour or so.

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Bringing out the Big Guns

Now that you have an idea of what both machines have to offer, it is time to make your final decision. Depending on the machine you go for, here are a few tips to employ when buying a washing machine.

  • Consider The Layout of your House

Think about your laundry needs before selecting the perfect match for your home. There are some floors that will work better with a top loader, while others are more suitable for front loaders.

  • Purchase a High-Efficiency Model

These are ideal because they clean better using less energy and water. They are also gentler on the loads.

  • Ease of Use

There is no need of getting a machine that will end up stressing you each time you have a load. People who do not like to bend or those with joint issues may be better off with the top loaders. If you prefer a front loader, you may consider erecting the washer on a pedestal that will raise it in such a manner that you will not be struggling.

  • Speed of Washing

The performance of the washing machine is something to consider when you are in the market for a new washer. Find a washing machine that does the job well without too many delays.

  • Price

You do not want to get into debt and depression to own a machine that you cannot afford. Go for a reliable machine that suits your budget, so that it does not land you in financial trouble.

  • Model

As you are shopping for the ideal washing machine, it also helps to think about the brand that you will end up settling on. Look for a well-respected brand where you can be sure that you will end up with a high-quality product that will not keep breaking down all the time.

  • Noise

Some washing machines tend to produce more sounds than others. If this is something that will bother you, spend time looking for a machine that will not cause too much noise when it is in use so that you can be comfortable during laundry time.

  • Features

If you are not looking for a basic machine, it may help to look out for the features that the washing machine comes with. Manufacturers today are trying to outdo each other to stay ahead of competition. Some top features you can come across include:

  1. In-Built Faucet or sink – This is ideal if you would like to pre-treat tough stains or hand wash some delicate items. It is also practical and a welcome addition for laundry rooms that do not have stand-alone sinks.
  2. Huge Capacities – While most washers will range from 4-5 cubic feet, it is possible to get your hands on some models that offer greater capacities if such features make you happier.
  3. Multiple Washer tubs: Companies such as Samsung and LG are in the front line when it comes to incorporating multiple washer tubs into the same machine.
  4. Auto dispense feature – This is helpful when it comes to dispensing the proper amount of detergent. Getting a machine with such a feature means that each time you start a cycle, the washer will automatically sense the amount of soap that is needed to do the washing. It will deposit the necessary amount leaving the rest for future cycles. This way, you will no need to worry about using too much or too little washing powder.

The Bottom Line

Truthfully, the front-loading washers are a better option than the top loading option in a number of ways. They are more efficient, and will give you a better clean each time. However, you must be willing to spend a little more cash to be a proud owner of a front loading washer.

The top-loading products are also much easier to handle offering greater convenience to the users. You may want to purchase a front loading machine when you are dealing with smaller spaces and have the resources to get the washing machine. Go for a top-loading machine when you want an easier and faster wash.

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