Get Assistance with the Cost of White Goods

August 23rd, 2019 by

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If you are on a low income, then there are a lot of financial aid plans out there that can help you. The government, charities, and even companies have funds and schemes that were made to assist you in these tough times.
In this post, we would take a look at white goods, and how you can get them for a low weekly price.

What Exactly Are White Goods?

‘White goods’ is the general term that refers to large household appliances like fridges, freezers, dryers, washing machines, toasters, blenders, coffee makers, and cookers. These equipment were usually available in enamel-coatings and were coloured white– hence the name.

Today, you can get white goods in a wide range of colours. Even so, we still refer to all of them in their different colours as white goods.

White Goods vs Brown Goods

Both types of goods are sold and bought in the same shop but are quite different. Brown goods are light consumer appliances like computers, televisions and radios.

Brown goods and white goods are slowly becoming a part of the internet of things with advancements in technology.

Who is Eligible For Financial Assistance in The Cost of White Goods?

Charities have criteria that applicants must meet before they are qualified for white goods grants. Most of the time, the applicant must be experiencing financial hardship. Some other rules that are common among charities and companies include;

  • You must be living in an area in the UK.
  • You must be of a certain age, for example, ‘children’ or ‘older people.’
  • You must show hardship or debt in meeting priority bills.

You can use our grant search to see if you are eligible for support from over 3000 charities who help with the cost of white goods. Some of these charities include;

  1. Family Fund: Here, charitable funds are provided to families that are raising disabled or ill children in the UK. The fund extends to not only the parents, of the children but their children as well.
  2. Glasspool: Glasspool gives a large number of grants for white goods, beds, children’s clothing, baby needs and bedding. The focus is primarily on children.
  3. Fashion and Textile Trust: Grants that can be used by parents to get white goods for the wellbeing of the children are giving in this program. To be eligible for the grant, either of the child’s primary carer or parent must have worked in the textile and fashion industry for a year. Working in a supermarket that sells clothing also counts as being a part of the industry.
  4. Insurance Charities: Support is given to anyone that works in the insurance sectors. It includes, and not limited to brokers, claim assistants, underwriters, loss adjusters, personal assistants, and call centre operators in insurance companies.
  5. Reuse Network: High-quality and affordable household appliances are stocked in these centres. They provide grants or offer white goods at a cheap rate.
  6. League of Helping Hands: This charity assists people who are in hardship because of disabilities or illness. Like most charities, the applicant must be resident in the UK.
  7. Friends of the Elderly: This charity offers grants to older people who live in England or Wales, and have a low income.
  8. Licensed Trade Charity: This charity helps those who work in bars and other licensed-trade industries with their white goods by paying their suppliers, rather than providing grants.
  9. BT Benevolent Fund: They give grants of up to £700,000, which goes towards past and present BT employees that need white goods.
  10. End Furniture Poverty: They have several online tools that will help you find the furniture you need. They offer grants and credit.
  11. Percy Bilton Charity: This grant is for workers over 65 with low income and severe disabilities and illness.

Why Do People Need Assistance With White Goods?

Over the past few years, the UK has experienced an economic recession that has crippled many industries. Benefits have been cut, jobs lost, and payments frozen. So many people, even those with jobs, are struggling financially.

As they cannot afford new white goods, they depend on their old household items to serve their needs. These items are usually energy inefficient and have a high risk of gas or fire leakage.

What We Can Do To Help Out?

We understand the situation caused by the economic recession, and so are willing to offer the white goods we have for a low instalment price.
Everyone should have working white goods to use. We hope that the assistance we provide for white goods in the UK will help people in need to cope with the card that life has dealt them.