Home Appliance Repair and Maintenance Checklist


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The home appliances that we possess in our homes may be the best in the market but with improper maintenance and overexploitation of them, the likes of them being damaged or non-functional increases to a greater extent. Be it any electronics item or the wooden and steel furniture, they all require proper maintenance and timely repairs so that they remain efficient and continue to provide us with benefits for a longer period of time.

The Home appliance repair needs a proper checklist to be carried out in the best way and when you stick to it, the longevity of the appliances are bound to increase. No matter how big or small the appliance is, maintenance is a must if you want it to last longer; a casual handling of anything can make it prone to damages and the need for repairs.

So, let us discuss the details of the checklist of the home appliances repair and maintenance so that they continue to provide us with benefits for long. Read on

Kitchen appliances checklist

The appliances in the kitchen are the most affected pieces in the entire house due to the constant usage and thus the need to maintain them is also in high priority. The common kitchen appliances are the gas stoves, the kitchen chimney, the dishwashing sink, the utensils storages, the freezer, the microwave and other such useful appliances that we cannot do without! The easiest ways to avoid high-cost maintenance is to follow these guidelines in a consistent manner-

  1. Clean the refrigerator coils and gaskets regularly
  2. Recalibrate the temperate setting of your oven
  3. Set the feet of the washers or the dryers in rubber pads to avoid the vibrations damage the floors or shell out loud noises
  4. The stove spills must be cleaned regularly
  5. The disposer crud and the dishwasher needs to be cleaned properly

Laundry room/wet room/washroom appliances checklist

Other than the kitchen appliances, the washroom appliances are also used on a regular basis and possess equal importance in the functioning of our everyday lives. Be it the washing machine or the bathing shower, all need to be maintained frequently and properly to sustain for a longer period of time. The likes of these appliances getting rusted are high due to the constant touch with water. The simple ways to maintain them are-

  1. Avoid using aerosol sprays to prevent the damage of the acrylic surface
  2. Do not smoke inside the bathroom because the tobacco smoke might discolour the bath fitters.
  3. Regular cleansing of the bathroom tiles and flooring will make it less slippery and you can also install bath fitters to the bathtub to make it slip-resistant
  4. Under the sink, Stash disinfecting ‘cleaning wipes’
  5. Don’t overload the washing machine; it might result in internal damages of the machine
  6. Replace and repair the washing machine hoses timely

Electrical appliances checklist

The electrical appliances not only comprises a major part of our house but they also play a very significant role in shaping up our lives. The likes of the air conditioners, television, heaters, and other electrical appliances providing us relief in leading our lives comfortably are something we should take note of carefully and thereby root for their maintenance and repairs from time to time. In cases of electrical appliances. The following maintenance tips can help you make them last longer-

  1. Clean the air conditioner filters routinely in 9-15 days of regular usage
  2. Use blow dryers to clean the dust from the air conditioner vents once a week
  3. Keep the brightness and contrast of the televisions sets reduced
  4. Voltage spikes can cause serious damage to the television sets; use a voltage regulator to provide protection against it
  5. Avoid overexploitation of the electrical appliances as they might cause serious damage unknowingly

Living room appliances checklist

The living room appliances include the hardwood or steel and iron furnaces that we require to keep our belongings or to decorate the house. These appliances do not need frequent maintenance but after some period of usage, you must do these things to avoid any damage to them

  1. When cleaning, try using warm water and mild washing soaps, but don’t soak it entirely as the may harm the wooden furniture and take away the lustre
  2. Change the sofa covers and cushion covers to avoid unhygienic accumulation of dirt
  3. Keep the furniture away from heating units, direct sun rays or vents to make then last longer as excess heat causes its early damage
  4. Polish the furniture frequently to maintain the shine and make the scratches less visible

A proper care of all the appliances is required

People love to fill their houses with all the latest trends in appliances and thereby ends up spending a lot on them. But with times, when they get busier, they do not realize that if they don’t maintain those appliances well then the chances of them being damaged or inefficient would increase by a greater extent.

And they will eventually end up spending more money on the repairs and maintenance than what they spent on buying them one time. So, a proper care of all the appliances, irrespective of their size and quality, is a must-do thing for all those who possess the appliances at their house. These small and big appliances do not only help us in making our day to day lives easier and comfortable but also helps in bettering the interior look of our abodes.

Thus, after a certain period of time, we all should root for the domestic appliance repairs so that we continue to get the benefits from them in the same way we used to get when they were brand new appliances!