How to Clean and Maintain a Tumble Dryer | Infographic


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Washer and dryer have been the essential of our daily lives, what if the aesthetics failed? It’s a nightmare, isn’t it? So, these domestic appliance repair tips can be a blessing!

There are a variety of simple cleaning and maintenance tips available which must be followed in order to keep the appliances’ functionality working. Do you get cleaned and dry clothes every time from the washer and dryer? If no, it’s time for cleaning!

Start with cleaning the washer and dryer from outside with some soap and damp sponge. This will help you clean the surfaces from in and out. Before you start cleaning take a note that keeps the power supply off to avoid any kind of accidents like electric shocks.  Clean the lint thoroughly under running water with soap. The soap dispenser must be cleaned regularly.

The cleansing tub can have any type of stains that are causing damage to clothes must be properly cleaned using a multipurpose cleanser using a damp sponge.

Just like other appliances, tumble dryer repairs are must, this will help in the maintenance of it and thus improve the functionality of the same! To keep the dryer working smoothly its regular cleaning and maintenance is equally important.