How to Decide Whether to Repair or Replace Home Appliances


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Our home appliances are something that we cannot think of living without! Right from the smaller appliances like that of a table lamp to the bigger ones like the AC or the refrigerator, all seems to be very essential in the normal functioning of our day to day lives. These appliances make our lives easier and simpler in many ways and when they become damaged or non-functional, they give us some serious worries.

Sometimes it’s our fault as we go for cheaper and low-quality products while sometimes the appliances get damaged because of overexploitation issues as well. In any way, the dilemma of whether to repair or replace the home appliances get us really hard and we cannot make the decisions at times.


The other side

The high cost and expensive appliances are a reason why sometimes people don’t go for the replacement and rather try to fix the problems at lower costs. But the times of worry are gone or we can say at least changing with the growth of the technological aspects, we are able to buy cheap appliances online these days, with easy installments and best prices facilities and that proves to be very helpful to the ones who have limited budget for the replacement of the home appliances. But before we tend to replace them, we must first figure out whether the appliances need replacements at all or are the conditions good enough to get them repaired.


Let us throw some more light on this matter below


  • Refrigerator

The average lifespan of the regular refrigerators can be expected to be 12-13 years approximately. It can be that they can get damaged or non-functional before or after this span of time depending upon the usability of the owners but the approx. determination of the lifespan is this much if we go by the statistics. Now about the repair or replacement; it doesn’t cost any less to replace the entire refrigerator for any minor fault.

But in cases when the refrigerator compressor is at fault and not running then going for repair or buying the compressor can be very expensive. And thus, in such cases, going for replacement or buying a new refrigerator is the best choice than repairing the compressor for a whopping $500 or so. But when the smaller parts are damaged then going for the repair is considered to be the best option.


  • Washing machine

If we consider normal usage, the average lifespan of a washer is almost 10-11 years after which it may start showing signs of difficulty in functioning. If it confuses you as to whether to change it or change some parts only, you have to look out for cues such as whether the washer is spinning properly or not. Most of the times, dismantling the parts may actually cost you more than buying a brand new washing machine. So it would be better if you look up to the troubling parts and analyze the damage and then decide whether to go for repair or replacement.


  • Microwave oven

The average life of this appliance is also around 10-12 years and so, it can be replaced after this much f time if it makes any trouble at all. But sometimes fixing the smaller issues may actually cost you a minimum charge and therefore you can still keep it going for some years more. But when the side rusts are too heavy, they can be costly; at this point going for a replacement is worth it.


  • Vacuum cleaner

Every vacuum cleaner is made differently and that makes them prone to diverse issues while in usage. The problems related to these appliances might be of electrical disputes, dust clogging, part breakage, etc. And these issues do not come up after a certain lifespan; they can occur anytime. You must analyze the problems and act accordingly whether to replace or repair. If you have the budget, going for repairing is the best option in severe troubles or else you can always seek for repairs.


  • Tumble dryer

With almost 12-13 years of lifespan, the dryers can surely be effectively useful in the long run. But once it starts emitting smoke, gong for repairs won’t be a fruitful solution. In minor issues, you can seek for repairs but in case of smoke emission, it can be too expensive and buying a new one is recommended.


The final take

It is always up to the customer preferences of whether they can afford a complete replacement or not! If they can, it’s nothing like getting these appliances repaired but when the budget is limited, choosing the other way is much more pocket-friendly in some cases. Also, the condition of the appliances are more responsible for deciding whether to go for repairs or replacements as some minor problems can be dealt well with repairs only but when the problems are much more than severe than this, then going for replacements is a better decision all over.