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Whether you plan to furnish a new room renovation or need to equip a new home that you’re moving in to, buying appliances can be an exciting time.

However, it goes without saying that it’s also incredibly expensive, especially if you’re buying everything brand new from a reputable supplier.

Because of the costs, you may have considered turning to second-hand appliances instead. These are often much cheaper but they do come at the price of less peace of mind.

If you’re looking to save a bit of money on your appliances then we’ve got the perfect guide for you.

“Used” is a broad term

Used appliances aren’t always well-used. A used or reconditioned washing machine doesn’t mean that it has suffered thousands of washes and a used microwave may have only been used to heat up a single thing.

Used can also refer to open-box appliances that have been returned without being used a single time. However, used also sometimes refers to battered and beaten down appliances that are on their last legs.

As you can imagine, the term “used” has many different applications and it’s a good idea to delve into more details if you want a better understanding of the condition of a used appliance.

Make sure you check the description and pictures if it’s on an auction website and ask to see it in person if you’re purchasing from a classified advertisement.

You can often negotiate the price

A common place to look for used kitchen appliances is classified advertisements such as Craigslist. These websites are filled with fantastic deals and it’s important to remember that you can always negotiate the price.

Do you see a couple of scratches on the surface of a phone? Try to bargain and get the price down!

Do you feel like the microwave you’re looking at isn’t exactly clean? Ask to reduce the price a bit.

Even if you see nothing wrong with an item before purchasing it, there’s no harm in trying to negotiate the price a little to see if the seller won’t budge a little on their asking price.

Keep in mind that this isn’t going to work for retailers. If they have second-hand appliances on offer then you’ll usually be forced to pay that price.

Used appliances can be modified

This can be a bit of a confusing pro or con. There are some second-hand appliances that are sold after they have been repaired or modified.

The reason this can be a pro is that there are certain appliances that are known to have common failure points. Once these issues have been fixed, the appliance itself usually ends up working much better and more efficiently.

A good example of this is with computers and laptops. Once they break, it’s easy to fix if you have the knowledge and the DIY skills. In many cases, fixing an electrical device like a computer or laptop can end up improving its lifespan and usability, so this could be considered a pro.