Top 10 Kitchen Appliances to Buy When Moving Out


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Probably you have lived in your parent’s house for as long as you can think of, shared rooms with college mates, or even moved into different cities. The only drawback with sharing living spaces with others is that you have to keep a low profile, and you may even not know what to purchase or not. However, in all your escapades, you may have at one time bought or acquired some new things along the way.

When the time comes and you plan to move out either from your parent’s or a friend’s house, you will not find things that smooth. You will have to plan on where to start, what you need, and what you don’t need. When you move into your own apartment, you will realize how important your apartment kitchen is. There are must have first kitchen essentials that you need to acquire as soon as possible.

Picking the right appliances for your kitchen it is not an easy undertaking. In fact, it is a demanding space to fully furnish with the right appliances. Most of the items are fragile, come with uneven shapes, and it’s hard to get everything right. If you are heading into your new kitchen without a plan, you will be making major moving out mistakes.


Before looking at the key beginner kitchen essentials, it is wise to look at a few mistakes that you should avoid, if you are moving into a new apartment. They include;

  • Failing to Seek Assistance

In many occasions, many people fret that they will end up spending a lot of money moving from one location to another. It is more daunting to figure out where to start, if you are a single or just a new couple in the town. Using professional movers is never cheap, but it is worth the hassle.

If you have purchased items of major value, it is going to be a risky affair. However, you need to seek professional assistance, if your properties are of high value and heavy, but it is always a good option to do it yourself if you are moving out lightly.

  • Fail to Give Yourself Time to Pack

You have to figure out every item you need for your apartment. And if you have already purchased your appliances, you should not pack them haphazardly into moving boxes. Keep in mind that essential kitchenware and living room appliances are delicate, and need to be packed and unpacked cautiously. Give yourself time to figure out what to pack and what to get rid of.

  • Fail to Budget Correctly

Moving out can be costly, but you need to budget on what to move out with, or what to purchase for your new apartment. You need to budget for every item you want to purchase and feel free to invest in your kitchen. Make use of a moving cost calculator, and get a rough estimate of what you are likely to spend on moving out and more so on kitchen necessities.

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Equipping your Kitchen with Best Appliances :

First home kitchen essentials or appliances don’t necessarily make up a good kitchen, but there are the most important things you need for your new space. The primary function of your kitchen is for preparing and cooking healthy meals all day long. To make use of your new kitchen space, you need to get top-notch appliances in the market.

If you are purchasing kitchen appliances for the first time after moving out, you may find the whole experience overwhelming, but you have to make the right decision by end of the day.  Here are the top 10 must have kitchen tools or essentials that will make your kitchen time an amazing experience. Take a look;

 1. Pans, Pots and Cookware

Of all the must have cooking utensils in your kitchen, you should invest good money in cookware, pots and pans. Cookware comes in varying sizes, designs, types and shapes. Go for cast iron pans or skillets that are easy to clean, sturdy and are also long-lasting. Also, choose non-stick pans that are good for cooking delicate meat, eggs and sauces.


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Your pot designs will serve you best in your kitchen for preparing sweet potatoes, whipping up pasta and boiling eggs. Most of the easy to get cookware won’t break your bank account. Conduct thorough research on best cooking essentials you need and get the best designs.

 2. Cutting Boards

You need the best cutting boards in your kitchen. Interestingly, you don’t just need one cutting board. You need to get at least two boards, one for fruits and vegetables, and another for meat.

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Wood cutting boards are better than plastic ones as they keep bacteria away from their crevices and will easily prevent foodborne bugs from spreading if kept clean all the time.

 3. A Quality Set of Knives

When getting your kitchen knives, make sure you get quality designs that are easy to use and sharpen. Blunt knives make food preparation a hard task and gloomy. Get a set of knives that are part of a detailed cooking essentials list, that are easy to use for slicing, chopping or cutting into cubes.


If you don’t love fatty meat, you can also use your sharp knife to trim off the fat. The knives you choose should also be comfortable in your hand.

 4. Measuring Cups and Spoons

If you are into healthy recipes, you need measuring spoons and cups to get all the recipe ingredients correctly.  The cups should be suitable for dry and wet recipe ingredients. Measuring cups and spoons are a staple for your kitchen. So, get stainless designs that are durable and suitable for daily use.

 5. Tea Kettle and Coffee Maker

Among the many cheap kitchen essentials you need, don’t forget to get your tea kettle and a coffee maker. If you regularly make tea or coffee, you need to get a quality maker and a kettle that will make the preparing task more easily.

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 6. Bottle Opener and Corkscrew

Among the many bachelor kitchen essentials that you can think of, don’t forget to equip your kitchen with quality and easy to use bottle opener and corkscrew. The bottle opener should be easy to use for popping bottle tops. Bachelors love wine, and a professional grade wine key or corkscrew is a great acquisition. Go for stainless steel openers that don’t easily rust.

 7. Microwave

If you are ready to prepare your meals as fast as you can, you need to get the best microwave design in the market. You can use your microwave to heat up healthy leftover food prepared and cooked in your kitchen rather than opting for unhealthy fast foods.


You can also use your microwave to steam fresh frozen vegetables that are calorie-laden and good for your health. Microwave steaming is also healthier than opting to fry your food.

 8. Colander

You should also include a quality colander in your kitchen essentials checklist. It is a great item to use in draining pasta or washing off the dirt in vegetables and salad greens. It is an essential piece for any apartment owner with a minimalist kitchen and wants to enjoy a healthier diet each day.


A stainless steel colander can serve your kitchen needs for many years. Go for a colander that comes with non-slip handle and feet to keep it still when using it in your kitchen.

 9. Whisk

A whisk is another essential kitchen items first apartment that you should also move in with. It helps in whisking and mixing together sauces, eggs, desserts and salad dressings. Don’t forget to get the best mixing bowls in the market as they work together with your whisk.

 10. Blender

There are a lot of blender options in the market, and you should go for the best as it speaks volumes when included in the list of kitchen appliances and utensils. Keep in mind what you will use the blender and decide whether you want a glass or plastic container. If you have a passion for many healthy beverages and smoothies, a countertop blender is a perfect choice for you.


You can make your list of kitchen essentials for new home exclusive and one-of-a-kind by also including appliances like;

  • Toaster oven
  • Potato masher
  • Grater
  • Vegetable peeler
  • Sharpening rod and knife sharpener
  • Refrigerator
  • Dishwasher
  • Thermometer
  • Food storage containers.
  • Towels
  • Dish rack
  • Trash containers or bins

The Bottom Line

To fully stock “my first kitchen” should not be a daunting task, if you know what to go for.  You have to be organized when moving out and get what you really need. Some of the items for kitchen list you can get them later on once you settle to your new life. All you need is to get high-quality multi-purpose kitchen appliances that will serve you for long without costing you extra money.

If you cannot make a detailed kitchen essentials list, fret not. At Sales Appliances, we will not only guide you and pick the best essentials for cooking, but also provide home appliance repair service for some of the paramount kitchen appliances like microwaves, blenders, refrigerators and dishwashers. Make that call today and learn from our experts.